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Quorthon Poster

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- Brown Ale -

This beer is a tribute to the artistic work of Tomas "Ace" Börje Forsberg [1966-2004] known by the stage name Quorthon, with his metal band Bathory [1983-2004].

The visual concept of the label is inspired by the cover art imagery of Bathory’s discography.

The label features a silhouette of the iconic Bathory-goat from the album "Bathory" [1984] in the background. Likewise, a photo illustration of Quorthon as central character is portrayed as per the iconic photograph of him spitting fire. Through the fire a suggestion of the cover art from the album “Blood Fire Death” [1988] is shown based on the painting Åsgårdsreien [1872] by Peter Nicolai Arbo [1831-1892].

The two label frames as being made of gold, referring to the logo-colour of the album "Blood Fire Death" and its mood.

This year, this iconic progenitor would have turned 50, had he not sadly passed away in 2004. So from the deepest, darkest depths of our hearts and with sincerity hard to put into words, we humbly wish to honour Quorthon, raise our glasses and to hail the hordes!

Print: 4/0-colour (Euroscale)
Size: DIN A1 [59,4 x 84,1 cm]
Material: Illustration printing paper 100g gloss

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